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About HBC

Specializing in Business Development, Human Resources, and Medical Billing.


Healthcare Business Consulting, LLC

Healthcare Business Consulting, LLC (HBC) specializes in medical private practice resources. HBC brings a vast portfolio of resources to private practice physicians, to maximize operational efficiency and profitability. Kanahl Kendrick is the Chief Executive Officer of HBC. He has been improving the operation of medical private practices for over a decade. Mr. Kendrick and his network of business associates ensure private practice physicians are kept up to date with best-practices and state-of-the-art technology, to remain competitive in the ever changing healthcare marketplace.

Mr. Kendrick recognizes that each private practice is unique; therefore, HBC tailors its consulting to meet the specific needs of each and every client, while ensuring the private practice fully leverages a cross section of experiences obtained over many years.

Doctors went to medical school to practice medicine. Thus, HBC provides physicians who seek independence through private practice ownership, with high quality business bandwidth. This allows the physician to avoid compromising patient care or the physician’s own quality of life, as a result of seeking to meet the business needs of the private practice.