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Are you up to date on Timely-Filing requirements?

Are you up to date on Timely-Filing requirements?

There was a time you could rely on Medicare, Blue Cross and Blue Shield allowing 12 months to accept a claim according to the payer’s Timely-Filing policy; unless the term was amended in the physician’s contract. Just prior to the pandemic, Anthem Blue Cross reduced its Timely-Filing requirement to fewer than 12 months for some states. Given the limited resources of a private medical practice, such important announcements are often overlooked and particularly more so during the pandemic. On an annual basis, contact all payers to determine if any changes have occurred to the Timely-Filing and Timely Response requirements. Being out of sync with these two important requirements, at any time, may result into lost revenue. A phone call once a year to the payers on the topic could significantly improve the financial health of your practice.

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